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20 Years of Leading The Change
RUBINE's Milestones

Innovation is heart of RUBINE and the fundamental guideline in development of high-quality and durable products. At RUBINE, all products are designed to the higest possible standards with the latest innovation to ensure our products not only perform the best, but also reflect the trend towards a modern, better living environment.


Top quality, high functionality and irresistible elegance in the products, matched by our excellent service, are part of our 20-year tradition. Our aspiration is to be regarded as the "leader in the change (of new trend)". We promise you that our products will not only win you over, but also delight you.


We deploy groundbreaking technological innovations to develop the resource-efficient household appliances and fittings to create the potential to not only improve the future, but also our quality of life today. RUBINE's products are made with respect & sensitivity to the environment, that excel in terms of quality, innovative technology and energy efficiency.